Terms & Conditions

Return Policy:

If there is a mistake in your order, meaning that you can prove that it was damaged, or it is the wrong size/color, then we will gladly refund you. We do not offer refunds if you receive your package and you don’t like it or it does not fit. Either way, if you want to request a refund, email us at diamondjerseys@gmail.com with your order details.


Cancelling Your Order:

You can only cancel an order during the same business day that it was placed. After that, it is unlikely that we can cancel it, because it is probably already processed and shipped. Make sure you provide the correct address, size, quantity, contact information, and any other important information. If there is a mistake, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do all that we can to fix it, but we cannot always do so. We are not responsible for any errors made because of these mistakes.

We try to add new jerseys as often as possible, which is usually daily. Because of all of these constant changes in what we offer, we also might remove some jerseys that are no longer available. If you see a jersey that you want, you can always add it to your wishlist for later. However, there may be some rare cases where the jersey you saw before and wanted is not on our site anymore. If that happens, you can send us a message and we will try to bring it back. On the other hand, it is also possible that a jersey is currently unavailable, despite saying on our site that it is available. Because of this, we reserve the right, without liability or prior notice, to discontinue any or all products. If an unavailable product is ordered, the order will be cancelled within 1-3 business days after, and the customer will be refunded.

We have the right to cancel orders at any given time when possible. As stated above, we are not required to change our shipping info if it has been entered incorrectly. If you notice that it has, you will have to contact us as soon as possible. To avoid this, read over your info a couple times and make sure that it is correct. Once it has been processed and has shipped, we cannot change where it is going.